Increased fundraising. Improved engagement. Greater supporter spend.

Adding personalised gifts to your existing online store delivers all of these. And Prime’s robust and sector-proven solution Hard_Cover_A4_Book_Mockup_2means you can achieve it simply and, critically, in just a matter of days.

The personalised gift market in the UK is huge, and growing. Spending already exceeds £1bn per annum and, with the average gift costing £36.50, more than half of adults will have received a personalised gift during the last 12 months.

With gifting occasions on the rise and people keen to demonstrate social purpose from the money they spend, isn’t it time you offered your supporters this option?


“ Charity retailers have realised that it can be valuable to list niche items online,  so they are more likely to reach their target audience,” 
Matt Kelcher, Head of Public Affairs at the Charity Retail Association.


Posters_Horizontal_FrameBenefits of online personalised gift-ordering

  • Increased revenue for the organisation
  • Greater engagement with supporters
  • Improved brand awareness
  • A better, differing selection to others in the sector
  • Wider range and choice of products
  • 24/7 easy online selection, ordering and tracking

Macmillan Personalised gifts increase sales

An “off-the-shelf” solution it adds a new dimension to the charity’s “gifts that change lives” offering. Supporters now have the the ability to select, personalise and view a greeting card in real-time that includes a donation of up to £50.

What the UK spends

The British are certainly generous when it comes to presents, here’s a snapshot of what we spend and how it all adds up:

  • Valentines Day: Total £650 million, average per gift £60
  • Mothers Day: Total £500 million, average £41
  • Easter: Total £575 million
  • Fathers Day: £330 million, average spend around £69
  • Christmas: An eye-watering £2 billion, with the average person spending £821!


Why Prime?

We’re experts in the personalised gifts market and we understand the fundraising sector. We’ve been around for 30 years, with over 15 years’ experience delivering consumer gifts for a number of the UK’s leading retailers.

It doesn’t stop there…


Keeping existing donors and supporters onside is tricky enough, attracting new ones can be a momentous challenge.

We’ve worked alongside The National Trust, The Stroke Association, NMA, Lepra, ShelterBox, Barnardos, NSPCC, MNDA and MAP, amongs others, helping them create fundraising ideas, communications and campaigns that are GDPR compliant,  personal, relevant and timely.


If you have a specific project in mind or simply need some inspiration, talk to us. We’re certain we can help.






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